picture26Shiloh Hills Christian School was a natural outgrowth of the ministries of the church as the people became aware of the need for proper training of their children as opposed to the humanistic philosophies which were being taught in the public schools. The school began the 1980-81 school year with 120 students in grades K-3 through 8.

During the first two years, the school was administered by Pastor David Janney. As the school grew, adding a grade each year, it became evident that a separate administrator was needed. In January of the third year, Mr. David Turner became the administrator of the school and church business manager.

The school’s fourth year was an exciting one! The first graduating class consisted of 26 students, the enrollment reached nearly 500 students, and Mr. Ike Parker became the first full-time administrator.

The following year saw another change in administration, as Mr. Ray Benton became the Pastor of Christian Education at the church and school. Under two and one-half years of Pastor Benton’s leadership, the school continued to grow, and the beginning of the school year senior high retreats were started. In November of 1987, Pastor Benton left the ministry at Shiloh Hills to take a similar position at a church in San Diego, California.

In March of 1988, Mr. Monty Parker was called to become the new administrator of the school. Class trips were begun in the 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grades including senior trips to Europe. An emphasis was begun in the areas of teacher certification and school accreditation. In 1989, school accreditation was granted by the Georgia Association of Christian Schools.

In July of 1991, Mr. Bradley Farrant became Administrative Principal. Mr. Farrant came from New Castle, Delaware, where he had been involved in Christian education for thirteen years.

In July of 1993, Mr. Ken Wachtendorf became the Director of Christian Education for Shiloh Hills Baptist Church. In this position, he also became the Director for Shiloh Hills Christian School. Mr. Wachtendorf had been a member of the SHCS School Board and also served as Chairman of the Board of Deacons for Shiloh Hills Baptist Church. Beginning in July of 1995, Mr. Ken Lassiter became the Acting School Director.

In July of 1995, the Lord allowed the former Baptist University of America (later “First Step”) building to be purchased by Shiloh Hills. After remodeling, the school began its 1995 - 96 school year in the new facility.

Shiloh Hills Christian School has become known throughout the state as a strong school, both academically and spiritually.

During the 1996 - 97 school year, Dr. Victor Bledsoe filled the position of School Director.

In August of 1997, Mr. John Ward became administrative principal. Mr. Ward came from Oxford, Alabama, where he had been the administrator at Trinity Christian Academy for fifteen years.

In 2013, Mrs. Terry Farrant, our former elementary school supervisor, became the school's administrative principal. She served the ministry in this capacity for five years.

In August of 2017, Mr. Mike Gallien became the administrative principal. Mr. Gallien has over 30 years of experience in the ministry, including time spent as a youth pastor, teacher, coach and administrator.

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