Foreign Language

In the state of Georgia, two years of foreign language are required on the high school level. We offer Spanish I and Spanish II to meet the requirements, and third year is offered as well, Spanish III, for those who want to continue their learning.

Spanish I is an introductory course taken the freshman year of high school. We use the Glencoe curriculum: ¡Así se dice! 1 The students learn about common and every day vocabulary, the present tense of verbs, and cultural customs in Latin and Hispanic countries. This course is designed to give the students all of the fundamental building blocks to carry on basic conversations in Spanish.

Spanish II is taken throughout the sophomore year of high school and is a continuation of Spanish I. The course picks up where Spanish I left off. The students continue in ¡Así se dice! 1 and then begin ¡Así se dice! 2. This course is designed to further the student’s abilities to carry on conversations in Spanish with such building blocks as the preterite (past) tense and more advanced vocabulary. Practicing speaking the language is stressed more in Spanish II so that the students will begin to have confidence in what they are learning.

Spanish III can be taken the junior year of high school and is designed for the students to begin only speaking Spanish in the classroom.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL is offered for the international students at Shiloh Hills as a course to improve their use and comprehension of the English language.

ESL targets teaching our new international students or those that still do not understand English well. Our curriculum covers different styles of literature and writing and includes grammar rules and vocabulary on a very basic level. The students are also given class timed writing assignments as well as whole periods of writing. The focus of this courses is to improve the student’s understanding and ability to communicate properly in the English language. The course is designed to help prepare our international students for the regular English classes.

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